Lee-Ann Murray Director of Patient Services for KW4, Community Intake, Long-Term Care, Nursing Portfolio, Mental Health Addictions Nursing, Professional Practice and Pediatrics

In my job, I’m often called in to help resolve situations that are challenging for everyone involved.

We have teams that include Care Coordinators and Service Providers that are going in to people’s homes and are part of their lives. It sometimes involves difficult conversations, but in the end, listening to those patients and their families has helped me to understand that we always need to step back and look at situations from the patient’s point of view.

With each patient story, complaint, or request that comes to us at the LHIN, we have an opportunity to re-evaluate the services we offer and decide if we can do things differently. Are we doing the right thing for the patient? Can we push the envelope? Is it right to make an exception or are we following the best possible treatment? If we are following best practices, how can we provide education and support to that patient so they feel heard and supported?

Most of what I do when I respond to patient concerns is about building relationships. With good relationships with each other and in the community, we can move mountains.

Kitchener-Waterloo is my community. I’m invested in this community. The patients and families that I work with every day through my role are the same people I see at the grocery store, at the market, and community events. When I run into them in everyday life, I want to see that they are well, healthy and happy.

I am so grateful to work in an environment that’s open to hearing ideas and input from the staff, our patients, and community members. It gives everyone the opportunity to be heard, and it allows us to constantly evolve so that we can provide the best care possible.


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